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GT’s 4-channel-technology in “Der ZIESEL”




A custom edition of our dual redundant SK315-joystick has found its operation area in an Austrian barrier free sport-vehicle called "Der ZIESEL".


This off-road driving machine is build for everybody who wants to combine freedom and fun.

Der ZIESEL is easy to use with a precise joystick-steering and offers driving pleasure for hours on different surfaces like snow, sand and gravel, etc.

With its silent and ecological electric motors, der ZIESEL is your loyal companion that lets you enjoy nature to the fullest.




The SK315 type which is integrated in this application is a dual axis joystick with dual redundant Hall Effect sensors in order

to ensure the high safety standards. An almost non-existent installation depth makes the joystick perfectly suitable for

small-space application, like armrests etc. Its two axes allow a full deflection of 20° in every position.



For additional information on der ZIESEL please check .

For more detailed information regarding GT’s joystick solution and integration, please contact us directly.





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